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Spent the weekend w/sis and mom. The main downer was brunching with a family friend (she's my age; our parents were friends so we kind of grew up together) and her partner: she wanted to get together to tell us in person she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. One tumor the size of an apple, another a walnut. I'll need to do more research, but this sounded bad. Still, she was upbeat, describing the chemo and (likely) subsequent surgery to remove stuff. Sigh.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good. Lots of talking and eating. Sis and I had errands to run, and mom was happy to ride along with us. My non-iPhone cell is slowly falling apart and I'm looking for a sturdy replacement without a lot of extras. Maybe I'll get a Chocolate just for the name.

Sunday dim sum lunch was a longer-than-expected wait (1/2 hour) at Asian Pearl, but very yum. An item I'd not previously had and would get again was one of those deep-fried Chinese "donuts" with the exterior covered with rice noodle. Sis said it was a variation of a typical Taiwanese dish. Mom consumed an entire bowl of the sweet, soft tofu. The scallop-shrimp steamed dumplings were particularly good.

Oh, yeah. Sis also brought a box of fudge for me to try. A friend of hers was looking to market organic fudge and wanted feedback. It was decent, but a bit grainy and I felt the chocolatey-ness was obscured by the sweetness. I'm not aware of any company in the U.S. doing organic fudge, although I think I had some at a farmers' market or harvest festival a couple of years ago. Anyone heard of such a thing?
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I got a little worried as I read this article about one of my favorite chocolate makers, Scharffen Berger, being bought by Hershey. Maybe it'll be okay ...


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