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[livejournal.com profile] zencuppa and I had a mostly-uneventful flight from SFO to LAX. We waited for a while at the American Airlines kiosks. There was only one man dealing with the three check-in-yourself stations as well as five regular check-in. Fortunately, we had gotten to the airport with plenty of time.

The rest was no problem and we were picked up at curbside by Lee Gold. Thanks Lee! Got to the hotel with only a minor wrong turn. Turns out the hotel was across the street from a mall that was across the street, sort of, from another mall.
No broken guitars this time ... )

Got home with no trouble. Yay!

Edit: Oh, yeah. For the first time, as far as I can recall, I entered an instafilk songwriting contest. I basically used the rhythm of the words "braindeath" and "hamsters" and did three not-hardly-related verses using different songs ("Starship and Haiku," "Black Lace and Midnight," and "Crimson and Crystal"). Jane Mailander won the contest, David Okamura was a close second ... at least I was in the top ten.
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Last February I attended a housefilk hosted by Bob Kanefsky at his condo community's clubhouse. I remember thinking how I'd been looking forward to getting back into singing. Little did I know it would be nearly year from that day that I'd feel like singing or picking up my guitar much again. Yesterday's filksing, again hosted by Kanef, I had more motivation to prepare and was happily expecting others' renditions of Cynthia McQuillin's songs, too.

Braving the Chinese New Year Parade traffic that I knew would be clogging all major highways around San Francisco, it took me almost 2 1/2 hours to get to there, so I missed the first hour, having arrived at 7pm. (Drive back home took less than an hour, but it was after 1am when I left ...)

the long list, a few pics, etc. )
Consonance in a few weeks!
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I spent this weekend with my mom and sis. It was nice, especially because we all had thoughts about dad in our heads, too, with his birthday coming up. Still, I also had Cindy thoughts, so I jotted some notes in my palm pilot and am starting to form some coherent posts. Here goes:

Cindy aka Cynthia )

Next: "Arise, My Love."

[Correction made regarding the songbooks/tape.]


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