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Well, that was easy. Now I have a store credit ready to be used. What to do? :)

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As I'd been preoccupied of late, I hadn't looked at the hubbub surrounding the iPhone re-pricing until two nights ago. Guess I missed most of the whining, especially before the announcement of the $100 store credit yesterday:


Am I bothered by the price drop so soon? Not a lot. As mentioned in a previous post I don't usually do the "early adopter" thing where gadgets are concerned. Musicians and music? When I'm interested, oh, yeah. Not gadgets. I really did want the iPhone and am satisfied with the overall performance so far, and have ideas how I can make better use of it. After having made the purchase and leaving the unopened box around for while to contemplate, I guess that's when I was certain I was okay with the price. And I assume prices do go down after a while or other rebates/incentives pop up, so I tend not to angst much after I make a decision.

For a short while I thought the iPod Touch might be a better device for me, though in looking at the specs I saw it had the same wi-fi (but no EDGE) & browser, but no separate e-mail. I've found EDGE to be slow for web browsing in my everyday path from work to home and back, but it's fine for e-mail the way it's set up on the iPhone. I've noticed a few places where EDGE web browsing was fast, but one of those was during my L.A. trip. As mentioned before, I found I've been able to reclaim some "home time" since I'm able to deal with e-mail while riding public transit, so the iPod Touch wouldn't be a benefit.

I looked at the amount of storage I'm using on my iPhone now. Of the available 7.3 GB not taken up by the OS, etc., I have 5.8 GB I haven't used. There are 105 songs, five videos (four music vids, one 1-hr tv ep), 15 photos I've loaded in, and 102 photos taken by the iPhone camera. I'll definitely be loading more songs this weekend. Still have a lot of room, I think.

Bottom line: nice to get the $100 credit but I'm satisfied with the iPhone and am okay with the original purchase price.
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The user pic was taken by my mom using my digital camera. Go mom!

Here's one of those goofy "take a picture of yourself in the mirror" things, before my recent haircut.

The main thing I've noticed about using the iPhone, at least right now, is focusing on the stuff I want to do. I seem less intent on learning all the clever functions, much less the ones others use all the time, apparently.

For example, I don't "text" though I tried it out and it seemed very easy and straightforward. I don't "chat" much either, but I've read how it's something people are hoping for on the iPhone sooner than later.

I have two e-mail accts set up (Yahoo and gmail) and, even using the EDGE system, I'm satisfied. Due to work security considerations, I haven't been able to do personal e-mail from the corporate systems (even web-based). It's quick and easy to check using the iPhone.

I'm trying to get speedier using the Maps function, which much smoother/faster when using a Wi-Fi connection instead of EDGE. It's fun! Touching an address in the contacts/address book and getting it "mapped" makes a lot of sense.

The iPod works great. I do wish there were more controls on the earbud set. When I bought the original iPod shuffle for my dad when he was in skilled nursing I thought the controls were simple and easy to use. There must be iPhone/iPod accessories -- I'll look later.

I miss having the Memos that my Palm Pilot had, that synchronized to the computer. The Notes function doesn't do that. I've read about workarounds, like making a contact/address book entry. Not so super, but I tried it and it's okay.

The phone itself. Well, I've used it, but not a lot. Pretty and easy.

Goofy "take a picture of yourself in the mirror" after my haircut.
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So I did it. As my sister set up her first-ever dsl at her place last night, I opened the package and activated the iPhone.

Some of it was straight-forward, but some of it was bumpy, process-wise. My powerbook -- the one that had the hard-drive failure in March -- needed the next version of Mac OS (10.4.x aka Tiger) so I bought the 10.4.6 and downloaded the additional to bring it to 10.4.10.

Fortunately, in preparation for the activation I upgraded my iTunes earlier in the week. Unfortunately, my iPhone wasn't being recognized by iTunes. After some panicked iPhone forum reading, I followed one suggestion to reinstall the same version of iTunes. Trying again, I was off and running ...

Until the actual phone service activation. Which didn't kick in until this morning even though I was otherwise able to use the iPhone last night. I had previously synchronized my address book and calendar from my soon-to-be-retired Palm Pilot to those of the powerbook, and those easily made it over to the iPhone when I synchronized to add a bunch of songs and my one tv episode download on iTunes, the first hour of [livejournal.com profile] andpuff's "Blood Ties" pilot.

Was able to send e-mail (my first was to my sister who responded with the good news of the successful dsl install), peruse the Internet (the pinch-out to zoom is fun), use the Google Map function to see my mom's house and assisted care place from "satellite" view. EDGE was significantly slower than the wi-fi (I was using a neighbor's, even) but still okay.

This morning I called my sis using the new device. Brunched w/Chris F., who took the first pic w/it. We were in The Other Change of Hobbit bookstore (and I posed w/[livejournal.com profile] msagara's new book that just happened to be there):

Yeah, the iPhone's a splurge and I've been reading about the draw-backs. I'll make good on my promise, though, and curtail wine/spirit purchases for a while, at least for my own "cellar."
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So I still haven't opened the iPhone box.

However, I may be more troubled by having been dumped than I realize. Although I did have a few of these before "break-up day," in my freezer ...

green tea gelato - Marco Polo
arcobaleno (pistachio, almond, chocolate, vanilla) gelato - Marco Polo
blueberry ice cream - Double Rainbow
roasted peach ice cream - Three Twins (their stuff is organic)
lime sorbet - Three Twins
grapefruit campari sorbetto - Ciao Bella
blackberry cabernet sorbetto - Ciao Bella
fair trade chocolate gelato - Ciao Bella
lemon creme fraiche gelato - Ciao Bella
cherry garcia ice cream - Ben & Jerry's
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As of an hour ago I'm no longer lusting after an iPhone.

Now I'm wondering if I should rip away the shrink-wrap (even though I won't be able to set it up until I get home tonight) or return the thing.
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I think I want an iPhone. After seeing the rate plans this morning, I believe I'd be okay with the cheapest service level (since I'll be keeping my current Verizon family share plan that's working great for me, sis & mom right now).

I've got "great" excuses:
- Been thinking about replacing my palm pilot since last year.
- Bringing along my powerbook when @ bf2007's has been okay, but a smaller device would be great.
- Need to stop buying wine (no room!), so what else to spend it on (aside funding IRA, investing, etc.)?


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