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Glad to get to the end of the week. Hasn't been much fun. Working too much because I've been feeling guilty about not accomplishing much for a new project. Sore throat on Wednesday, sniffling-turned-to-head-cold yesterday. Bleah.

A friend at work, JD, whom I've known for at least a decade, has been having a tough several months. An only child, she's been taking care of her parents who've been having more and more health issues. They all live in San Francisco, but she has her own apartment. Her mom was diagnosed with lung (?) cancer in July and went downhill very quickly. JD had gone on a family leave just before Thanksgiving. She called me on Tuesday to let me know her mom passed that morning. I hope JD is able to take her time for herself now, since she'd been trying to do so much herself, despite her circle of friends volunteering to help.

For me, last weekend was very enjoyable. Took mom up to spend several days with sis at her place in the Sierra Foothills. All things considered, the drive up and back was okay (despite traffic in both directions and icky rain on the return). We mostly just hung out and ate and talked. Mom is definitely slowing down, sleeping more, and forgetting recent events, which I mentioned before.

We were in good spirits the entire time and, in a surprise us kids, agreed to see not one, but two movies in theaters! She had not wanted to go with us the last few years. Her assisted care group was taken to "March of the Penguins" last year and she grumped about being forced to go even as she said she ended up liking the movie but remembering the sad parts more than the happy ones. We gave mom a couple of choices and she opted for another penguin extravaganza, "Happy Feet." Afterward she said she it was too loud in parts so she covered her ears, but it was still fun. Yay! And mentioned she'd go to the other one we suggested, so we Bond-ed the next night! (Yes, [livejournal.com profile] debmats, I saw it again, but this time without the alcohol beforehand and still really liked it, though the slow parts felt slower. Daniel Craig, though, definitely works for me. Hee!)

I look forward to seeing more movies with mom (& sis) in the future!

(And speaking of booze, mom surprised sis & me again by happily partaking of a flight of red wines we shared one dinner out. It used to be that mom would take one or two sips of a regular red and then ask for something sweeter. Not sure what to make of this development. She was pleased with an ice wine I brought as well. I'm sure we'll deal.)

Anyway, back to bed to get well.
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