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Last week I went to Phoenix on business. Haven't been doing a lot of business travel the last several years. Think I'm averaging once a year.

The night I got there I gave a call to [livejournal.com profile] uoggb. Maybe we'll connect IRL my next trip out your way. Or even give you a call again in the not-too-distant future. :)

Though I have several friends in Arizona, I decided to spend time with one who's also a co-worker. D works in Chandler (where she moved a couple of years ago) and she drove to downtown Phoenix Thursday night to have dinner w/me and a couple other folks. Matador had okay food and good margaritas.

On the way to her place D apologized profusely that her air conditioning had broken down and she wasn't able to get someone to fix it (she rents a house) until the next morning. I think it was the coolest night in a week, but it was still over 80 degrees F at 11pm. I didn't have much trouble getting to sleep, though.

We didn't have a plan for the weekend (both D & I had taken Friday off) except to relax and catch up. Some thoughts were to go up to Sedona or down to Tucson. Didn't do either during the weekend. Watched DVDS: "Hannibal Rising," "American Dreamz," and "Children of Men." Did some urban hiking (malls) -- eye candy! -- and I even accomplished some clothes shopping.

I hadn't been outside downtown Phoenix in a long time. I still remember when there was only one freeway. There are many, many big box stores in addition to malls, which I suppose isn't surprising since I think I read the Phoenix area is one of the fastest-growing in the U.S. Public transportation seems to be minimal at best where D and I drove around.

Within easy walking distance of D's place (and we did walk!) was A.J.'s, a more upscale supermarket line of a larger grocery chain. The coffee and baked goods were yum, and as we walked through the wine aisle I was amazed at the California presence, including a couple I had specifically looked for and couldn't find in shops where I live. We ended up speaking with Sharon, the store "cellar master" who turned out to be from Sonoma (right next to Napa). Wine talk fun ensued! And yes, the night before I left for home I went back to get a bottle of California wine.

We also went to Kokopelli Winery & Bistro, where we tasted some fun and some not-so-good locally-made wine. The best part of that experience was the opportunity to speak at length with the owner/winemaker, Dennis, who happened by and gave us an extra taste of a not-yet-bottled Cab Sauv (it was good; I hope that means the quality is improving). Dennis was enthusiastic and charming; D and I later agreed we found him easy on the eyes as well.

D & I talked and talked and talked. It was great. I helped her w/her iMac and she was thrilled to be able to use iTunes again. We also dined at Pita Jungle (mediterranean - good, not unique or extraordinary), The Good Egg (standard brunchy foods were decent, biscuit & gravy was good), Priya (generic, not bad Indian) and Voodoo Daddy (seemed more cajun than creole. Jambalaya & fried green tomatoes were uninteresting, alligator sausage was good, both seafood & non-seafood gumbos were very good as was the red beans & rice and the housemade potato chips. I'd definitely return!).

Lastly, I was very happy to visit Changing Hands Bookstore!

Date: 2007-06-14 07:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pinoyboytoy.livejournal.com
I love wine! My friend is going to a wine tasting tonight! Dammnit! Everyone's drinking but me. That's it! I'm having a couple of glasses when I get homw from work ;-P

Date: 2007-06-15 06:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] trektone.livejournal.com
Please don't tell me your favorite is white zinfandel or white merlot ... so did you have a couple of glasses after work?

Where did your friend go for the wine tasting? Was it private or at a restaurant or something?

Date: 2007-06-15 07:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pinoyboytoy.livejournal.com
Actually my favorite is Beringer White Zinfandel! I'm trying to get accustomed to drinking red (coz it's supposed to be healthier? I dunno...)

He went tasting for a work thing. He's working at a new restaurant and they were trying the different drinks with the employees.

And I had a glass of Merlot (but it wasn't very good, but I couldn't throw it away coz that would be alcohol abuse!)


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